Visualising discussions

To explore the content of discussions, I created a framework using which one could fetch the most recent TweetChat for any particular #tag and a complimentary GUI which allowed one to explore the transcript of the conversation. This GUI made use of GraphViz engine to layout some of the graphs, while other layouts were written by my.

To make the graphs interactive, I used a modified version of the immensely useful XDot.

Figure 1: GUI for visualizing conversations
Image select_word

This is one particular chat from the chat #TheOnlineMom which is used for illustration here.

Many interesting things can be seen happening in the chat:

Figure: The temporal progression of the chat; from start (top) to end (bottom). It is clear that the chat is about Halloween and kids (and LOL )
Image word_cloud

Figure 3: Batgirl dress is Aww..
Image batgirl_aww

Figure: What words were used with small flashlight . Notice that it was suggested as a safety tip for Halloween.
Image small_flashlights_flower

Figure: What other safety tips were given?
Image safety_tips

Figure: And what goes with a good agh
Image agh_words

It was seen that the content and connection between words could give one insights into the psychology and the social demographics of the group.

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