Modeling outcasts in gossiping networks

In a semester project done under Prof. Rachid Guerraoui, I modeled individual which were treated as outcasts , i.e. a constant fraction $\alpha$ of nodes in the network do not forward it any packets. Using an mean field approximation of the system, I modeled it as an individual interacting with a Markovian network.

Also, I did a literature survey of how the reputation of nodes can be maintained. Currently, a hash function based division is being used to manage the manager/managee relationship in LiFTinG protocol, which is an extension of the AVMON protocol. This survey was done to see if score management could be done in a more unstructured manner while not sacrificing efficiency.

I am continuing work on making the Gossiping network more formal with Prof. Le-boudec.

Some theoretical boundaries can be proved about the correctness of the model and a conjecture regarding the same has been formulated in an extension of the previous work

Work is ongoing on proving the bounds theoretically.

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