Getting Rhythmbox to play desired songs in awesome

Awesome is a pretty good tiling window manager I have recently taken some liking to. I initially started with it for the simple reason that I was working with a Matlab script which spawned tens of figures and I wanted to view them simultaneously. I am sure there are easier ways of viewing those graphs than switching window managers from Gnome (which I still think is pretty good) to Awesome, but it was a valid reason to procrastinate in my own way. :-)

Anyhow, some of the things I really missed from Gnome were:

  1. sticky notes
  2. Gnome-Do and Pidgin integration (opening IM windows by just Super + Space + Buddy name )
  3. Gnome-Do and Rhythmbox integration (playing songs by just Super + Space + Song name )

It is the last thing which I got tired of today and looked at how I can fix it. The configuration turned out to be fairly easy to, thanks to the general awesomeness of Awesome and handy Lua documentation. It happened in the following steps:

  1. Getting to know rhythmbox-client can play songs using their URI, which is just the path of the file in case of local files.
  2. Understanding how to configure awesome using  /.config/awesome/rc.lua
  3. Figuring out how to get a prompt to type in a song name, which turned out fairly simple thanks to awful.prompt
  4. Understanding functions in Lua and writing functions for Notification and running the rhythmbox client:
      myRhythmboxFunction = 
          function (c) 
                  home = os.getenv("HOME")
                  file = .. "/.song_list")
                  if not file then
                          myNotifyFunction("~/.song_list does not exist")
                          found = false
                          myNotifyFunction("Searching for " .. c)
                          c = string.lower(c)
                          for song in file:lines() do
                                  songLower = string.lower(song)
                                  if string.find(songLower, c) then
                                          found = true
                                            ("rhythmbox-client --play-uri=\"" ..
                                                song .. 
                                          myNotifyFunction("Found, playing")
                          if not found then myNotifyFunction("Not found") end

    It is not difficult to guess what this function does:

    I have not described how I made myNotifyFunction , because it is embarrassingly simple to implement using naughty, but I did it in a horribly complicated way using awful.util.spawn and notify-send . But, hey! This is just supposed to be a proof of concept, right? :-)
  5. Understanding how to add global key bindings:
      awful.key({ modkey,           }, "p",
                function ()
          { prompt = "Play: " },
    Here, mypromptbox is just the usual Run prompt which I have borrowed to act as the play prompt box.

After these rudimentary changes, I did:

 find /my/music/folder | grep -v 'No directories' > ~/.song_list

To prepare the .song_list file needed in myRhythmboxFunction , and voila!

My songs are now Super + P + Song name away!

The next additions on my dashboard are the Pidgin integration and some sort of periodic mail notification without needing either Evolution or Thunderbird running in the background.

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musically_ut 2014-04-03