Get more play count information in Rhythmbox

I am obsessed with keeping track of what my musical taste is like, and to be able to get quantitative as well as qualitative information about it. with audio scrobbling (both via Rhythmbox as well as my old iPod Shuffle), satiates my needs for numbers most of the time, but I would like to know a little more. Initially, I just wanted to know which is the album I listen to the most, but it could easily be generalised to much more easily.

Hence, I made a small plugin extra-playcount for Rhythmbox, (Note: It maybe better to get more recent version of the files from the launchpad code branch) which gives me just that little bit more information. To see the plugin in action, select multiple songs and select properties to get an extra tab in the info window.

The additional data presented is:

  1. Number of songs by each artist
  2. Playcount of songs by each artist
  3. Number of songs in each album
  4. Playcount of each album

For bug tracking and development I have set it up as a project on launchpad here.

Installation instructions:


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musically_ut 2014-04-03