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I am currently working for Erudify..

I did my MS (in CS) at EPFL, and have graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Prior to that, my formative schooling years were spent in St. Dominic Savio College, in Lucknow.

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Favourites and not-so-favourites: I have seen development on many scales on both windows as well as Linux platforms and have come to have favourites depending on the nature of the task I am out to perform.

Programming competitions : Java/C/C++ Based on need of BigInteger , speed or nothing in particular.
Data crunching : R, SQL, perl In that order
Scripting : Perl Portable, and a Swiss army knife
Text processing : Perl, Vim, (some rare cases, awk)  
Large projects : Java Because of the IDE and portability
GUI programming : Java, Python Netbeans visual editor and Tcl/Tk respectively.
Prototyping : Python For its aesthetics
Editing : Vim Reason?
VCS : bzr, SVN Ease of use.

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